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Pedal Ready’s NZQA certified instructors deliver cycle skills compliant with the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Cycle Skills Guidelines.  


This three tiered training programme is designed to teach both children and adults how to cycle safely and confidently on the road with awareness and respect for other road users.

Pedal Ready is New Zealand's first Bike Ready accredited cycle skills provider.

Pedal Ready covers training for Grades One and Two for schools. We usually teach students between Years 4-8.  If you would like to arrange training for younger students, we can offer a modified programme. Please contact us to discuss.

Grade One

Grade One cycle skills training takes between 3-5 hours and is held in a non traffic environment, usually in a school playground. Training at this level covers:

  • bike and helmet safety checks including legal requirements

  • starting off and stopping with control

  • steering and manoeuvring safely to avoid objects

  • looking behind while pedalling in a straight line

  • signalling to stop and turn left or right

  • using the gears

Grade Two

Grade Two training takes 7-8 hours in total, with a minimum of 6 hours riding on local roads and covers:

  • competency in all Grade One core skills

  • start, ride along and stop on side of road

  • pass a parked vehicle

  • turn left from a side road and a main road

  • turn right from a side road and a main road

  • travel straight through at a crossroads

  • Identify some road rules and signs

  • Understand hazard awareness

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