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Check out these helpful resources including a bike and helmet checklist, Bikes in Schools Guide, skills circuit layout and curriculum resources.

Bike and helmet checklist

Before the programme comes to your school, send this bike and helmet checklist home to participating students. This will help engage parents with the programme.

Skills circuit for your school grounds

For your wheels day or as an extension to Grade One cycle skills training, here is a skills circuit to set up and run in your school grounds.

After school and holiday programme cycle skills training

Our fun cycle skills children’s courses are held in safe non-traffic locations. The course uses drills and games to develop essential skills necessary for fun and safe cycling.

Holiday courses can be two lessons of one and a half hours. After-school clubs are normally three lessons of one hour.

All you need is a group of children of similar age and ability with their own bikes in good working order, and then contact Pedal Ready to arrange a suitable time.  It is useful to note that the same ratios for Grade One apply to after-school clubs and school holiday programmes.

Bikes in Schools

Greater Wellington has developed a School Guide to help schools get the most out of their tracks. The guide includes information on booking systems, bike maintenance, cycling policies, skills training, classroom learning and getting parents and community involved. 

The following schools have purpose built bike tracks that are available to the community outside of school hours: 

Curriculum extension

See Freeville School’s winning cycling storyboard from one recent New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) competition.

NZTA have also developed a suite of curriculum resources to support cycle skills training.

Fundamental movement skills are important to the motor development of children’s physical, cognitive and social growth.  There are three categories in which the fundamental skills fit – Locomotor, Stability and Manipulative.

Find out more about Fundamental Movement Skills

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