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Brighten up when you're getting about at night!

Using good bike lights and wearing reflective material after dark will help you to be safe and be seen.

Applying reflective tape to your backpack, helmet or bike is a simple and effective way to increase your visibility when the days are shorter.

Bike lights

Use front and back lights if you ride between sunset and sunrise, or if visibility is bad.

The law requires cyclists to use front and rear lights during the hours of darkness and lights have to be visible from a distance of 200 metres. You can find out more about the rules in the NZ Code for Cyclists.

We recommend two lights front and two lights rear, one steady and one flashing in each direction. Please take care not to blind other people with your headlight, particularly on shared paths.

Snazz up your visibility

Bikes must have reflectors. A red rear reflector is required by law. You can use red reflective adhesive tape as well.

Most accidents occur during turning manoeuvres – being seen by vehicles turning across your path is vital.

If you do not have pedal reflectors, you must wear reflective material when riding at night. Increase your side-on visibility with reflectors or lights on your spokes, and tyres with reflective side walls.

Bright and reflective gear

Bright colours make you stand out during the day.

Light and reflective gear is best at night.

Local councils often have reflective slapbands or backpack covers available to brighten up your trips. Contact your local council, follow @bikegreaterwelly or email for more info.

NZ Code for Cyclists

The official New Zealand code for cyclists is a user-friendly guide to

New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices.

For more support, please contact the Pedal Ready team.

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Resources (pdf):

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