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Learn the best techniques for riding confidently and safely with your children, so that they also gain the benefits of cycling.


Skills learned can be applied in a variety of riding situations e.g. on holiday, weekend leisure rides or with your children to school. Following the training, young cyclists will enjoy the freedom of riding on the road with security and guidance from their parents.

A typical course comprises one to two hours in a playground, learning basic Grade 1 skills. This is followed by lessons on quiet roads under safe supervision, to learn Grade 2 techniques such as negotiating intersections and interaction with other road users.

The training is suitable for parents and children with reasonable cycling ability, i.e. not absolute beginner riders. Lessons are typically held for one ‘family’ at a time, e.g. one adult with one child or two adults with two or three children, but larger group training can be arranged.

If you would like to book a parent and child training session, please contact us at

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