Check out these fun videos which demonstrate the grade 1 skills you will learn when doing a practical Pedal Ready course. Many of these skills can be practiced at home or in the school grounds with adult supervision. For more information, including curriculum resources, please visit our Resources page.

A. Equipment check
Use this bike and helmet checklist in conjunction with the video to check your equipment is safe to use. The video will demonstrate how to check your helmet using the 4 S's and 2-4-1 techniques, what clothing to wear or avoid and how to do a quick safety check on your bike. For more detail please see our Bike Safety page.
B. Starting off
Watch how to get on and off your bike correctly, start and stop safely, ride along and practice steering around obstacles.
We now use the 5 L's to get on and off your bike safely:
  • Left side - start on the left-hand side of the bike

  • Levers - apply both your brake levers

  • Lean - lean your bike towards you

  • Look behind - look for other traffic

  • Leg over - hop on your bike and get into the pedal ready position

C. Looking and signalling
The next step to riding safely on the road is looking and signalling. Remember our golden rule: Look, signal, look again, then move!
D. Gears
Learn how gears work and how to change them smoothly.
E. Stopping quickly and with control
Sometimes you'll need to stop quickly. Learn how to do so safely using the 4 B's:
  • Both brakes - always use both brakes
  • Brace arms - brace both arms
  • Body back - move your body back over the seat/rear wheel
  • Balance - move your pedals so your feet are level
And most importantly practice this often in a safe place away from traffic!