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A – Air

Keep tyres pumped to the right pressure – usually written on the side of the tyre. Use a bike pump, not a service station/car pump.

Check the tread isn’t worn out.

Check the wheel spins freely without wobbling, and there are no broken spokes.

B – Brakes

Wheel the bike forwards and check each brake by pulling on the levers one at a time.

The brake pads should fully touch the rims or disc when on.

Always use both brakes when stopping.

C – Chain

Check the chain has clean oil on it and can move freely. The chain should look black or silver, not rusty. A little oil should come off if you touch it. If dirty oil has built up, clean that off first before adding more oil.

D – Direction

With the front wheel “parked” between your legs, try to turn the handlebars firmly. The wheel should turn with the handlebars, and the handlebars shouldn’t feel loose or wobbly.

E – Everything else 

Drop the bike gently from about 10cm and listen and feel for any unusual rattles. Tighten any bolts that have come loose.

Check all quick release levers are all done up correctly and tight. Quick release levers may be found on the wheels and seat post. They should curve in around the post or towards the centre of the wheel and may read "closed".

F – Fit

Make sure the bike fits you. When seated, the ball of at least one foot should touch the ground. When riding, legs should be almost straight when pedal is at the bottom of the stroke.

Check that the seat post is not raised above the ‘Min Insert’ marking (the least amount it must be inserted). Exceeding this can cause damage to the bike frame and injury to you.

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Pedal Ready uses a simple ABC check to ensure our bikes are safe before every ride. Air, brakes, chain and quick releases.

Do a more thorough check before any long ride, after transporting a bike, or if it hasn't been used in a while. If you find any issues, make sure these are taken care of before riding. Visit your local bike shop, a community bike workshop or visit BikeReady to learn some basic bike maintenance.

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