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Check your helmet, clothes and lights before a ride.
Check your helmet is fit for use with the 4 'S's

Check your SHELL, STYROFOAM, and STRAPS for signs of wear or damage. Straps should not be tangled. They should sit in a Y shape under your ears.

If there is damage to the Styrofoam or shell, the helmet should be replaced.

Check your helmet has a standards approved SAFETY STICKER.

Helmets last about 5 years – or one crash – before they need to be replaced.

Helmet fit

A helmet only works if it is on properly. Tighten the dial at the back before adjusting the straps.

Use the 2-4-1 method to fit your helmet correctly:

  • 2 fingers between your helmet and eyebrows.

  • 4 fingers in V’s along the straps either side of your ears.

  • 1 (or maybe 2) fingers between the buckle and your chin.

It should be snug – but not tight or uncomfortable. You should be able to wiggle your head gently without your helmet moving.

Clothing, shoes and gear

You don't need special clothing to ride a bike, but we recommend wearing something that will keep you comfortable and safe for your ride.

  • Check you have no loose clothing or shoelaces.

  • BRIGHT COLOURS make you stand out during the day.

  • LIGHTS AND REFLECTIVE GEAR is best at night.

  • WEAR SHOES that cover your toes. No open-toed shoes.

Carry any gear in a backpack or bike bag. Keep this away from moving parts, i.e. wheels, chain, brakes and pedals.

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