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Staying safe on your e-scooter

Safe speeds

E-scooters can generally reach speeds of 20-25km/h on the flat and more downhill. Always ride at a speed that you do not pose a hazard to yourself or others!


Safe stopping

The small wheels are more likely to jolt when they hit obstacles, such as gravel or kerbs. This can throw the rider forward. Always wear a helmet.

  • Use your brake(s) to slow down, or stop and walk, around hazards, especially up kerbs.

  • To stop quickly, hop off your scooter on one side and run alongside until you come to a stop.

  • If you cannot avoid an obstacle, bend your knees and lean your weight back and down.


Safe handling

An e-scooter weighs about 15kg. Wheel them if you can, but when lifting always hold the back wheel steady. Keep the deck clear of ankles and shins.


Safe sharing (footpaths)

Always ride in a safe and considerate manner around other people. Use the footpath only when it is safe to do so, i.e. very quiet, wide and a smooth flat surface.

  • Give pedestrians a wide berth. When approaching people (especially from behind), slow down, use a bell or call out.

  • Slow down on blind corners. Only pass other users when you can see clearly ahead.


Safe scooting on the road

Where you feel safe, scoot on the road but keep to the left, staying clear of the gutter and drains.

If sharing space with cyclists, ride in a predictable way. Leave space to let others pass you and/or alert other riders before passing them.

When riding on the road, follow all road rules.

Keep clear of parked cars, as doors can open unexpectedly.

Watch out for vehicles crossing your path – they may not see you so be ready to stop.


When finished fold the scooter and take it with you.

If you need to leave it outside, lock it safely to a bike rack or other solid street furniture. Use a solid bike ‘U’ lock through the fork and/or a brake lock. Thin cables can be easily cut.

Do not obstruct the footpath, handrails, seating or exits. Always park in a safe and considerate way.


E-scooters are a great way to make short trips around the city. They’re quick, convenient and accessible for a wide range of people.
The Scooter Ready programme supports people to be safe and enjoy their scooters. This page covers safe use of an    e-scooter in an urban environment.

About e-scooters

Most e-scooters reach speeds of around 20-25km/h and can travel about 20-30km on one charge. They can carry up to 100kg. Many e-scooters fold for storage or transport. Keep in mind they are heavy, about 15kg.

For tips on how to get started and a safety checklist, download our e-scooter guide.

Legislation and rules

E-scooters are classed as ‘wheeled recreational devices’. They are covered by the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004. Section 11 covers requirements for users of ‘wheeled recreational devices’. This includes any vehicle with wheels under 355mm in diameter, propelled by the rider and/or an auxiliary motor not exceeding 300W power output.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency strongly recommend you wear a helmet when riding a scooter.

Read the full legislation here:

Contact your local Council or scooter-share operator for site specific rules.



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