This qualification ensures people can confidently instruct beginner, intermediate or advanced cyclists in cycle handling skills. The qualification is self paced and you will have up to eight months to complete it.

They will learn:
  • Risk management and hazard identification

  • Knowledge of road traffic environments

  • Group instruction of cycle skills

  • To design, deliver and evaluate session plans.


$200.00 plus GST (to Skills Active). Pedal Ready will pay this fee for Assistant Instructors.

Cost includes training and assessment resources, registration of achievement and Learning Support Advisor contact visits.

Steps to gaining the qualification are as follows:

When you are ready to be assessed as a cycle skills instructor, Pedal Ready will:

1. Lodge Training Agreement with Skills Active, who provide details of Assessors in your area

2. You will receive the necessary resources to complete the written work step for the assessment:

3. Complete the written tasks in the Black workbook (have them signed off by an evidence verifier if necessary) and hand them in to your assessor.

4. Practical sessions.

  • Meet with your assessor to establish process for observing practical sessions

  • The practical skills that will be assessed are:
    – Implement a cyclist skills training course
    – Instruct a cyclist skills training course
    – Give and respond to feedback


The assessment process is as follows:

  • Pedal Ready lodges training agreement with Skills Active (you will have 8 months from the date the agreement is lodged to complete the written work and practical observation)

  • Trainee completes written work

  • Trainee completes practical skills

  • Assessor verifies written work and observes practical skills

  • Assessor reports credit to Skills Active

  • Skills Active submits trainee’s credits to NZQA

  • Assessor provides trainee with a copy of the Assessment outcome form

  • Assessor keeps a copy of trainee’s assessment on file for two years.

If trainee is unhappy with or does not agree with the assessment result, the process of appeal is explained in the workbook (Black).