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21 - 25 October 2019
Bike to School Week is a free, fun, week-long celebration for students who have taken part in Pedal Ready training.
All Pedal Ready trained schools are invited to join in Bike to School Week 2019 from 21-25 October.


If your school is on board, contact us to arrange great prizes for students taking part!


Students can take part individually or as a school or group.


School participation in Bike to School Week enhances sustainability curriculum, builds community, and highlights the benefits of active transportation - like less congestion and healthy, energised students.


How can your school get involved?

  • Put up a poster display and share info with whānau

  • Post on Facebook and in newsletters that your school is biking this week

  • Get a student bike or ‘wheels’ committee going

  • Hold mini activations such as a bike fix up with parent volunteers, or give out stickers, stamps or passport cards (download the PDF below) for those who bike

  • Set up a cycling school train (like a walking school bus but with bikes!) with whānau/community volunteers

  • Talk to your local council road safety person about holding a Milo breakfast or getting goodies!

  • Share the safety booklet for students and families (below)


See more tips on activations on the website or in the Active Travel Action guide

Email for more information

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